Hannan University Teachers – “Thanks GU. No koma cuts in 2010”

9月 15, 2009

Even though Hannan never officially announced that teachers would be losing classes, GU members learned that the university was planning to introduce koma cuts in 2010 with the implementation of a new cur-riculum; a curriculum wherein nei-ther student intake nor the number of English language classes were being reduced. Instead, Hannan were planning to have students take courses in the new curriculum that could be taught by English teachers supplied by a dispatch company. When GU mem-bers at Hannan learned this, they quickly reached a consensus among themselves and resolved to ask the GU to submit a letter to the univer-sity seeking assurances that GU members would not lose any koma. No one will ever know if the letter prompted the university to act, but it seems highly likely that it did influ-ence their decision to revamp the classes allocated not only to GU members, but also to other part-time English language teachers. As a result, no GU member has lost any koma for the coming 2010 aca-demic year. The GU members would like to thank the union for stepping in when needed and the administration at Hannan University for considering everyone’s needs in these difficult times.

What can one learn from this? It’s simple, join the GU and it may help you to keep your koma.