Kyoto Gaidai – Union stops koma cuts

Jan 1, 2005

The grounds for the cut were arbitrary, with the university wanting to abide by an official koma limit policy that they regularly ignore when it suits their needs. The teacher had been over this limit for a number of years and other teachers will still be over the limit in the 2005 academic year. The GU sent a letter of enquiry to the university and after receiving several replies which showed no sign of compromise, we formally demanded collective bargaining, and the university suddenly started to show signs of willingness to settle. Members of the administration visited the GU office for talks, and finally an offer was made to restore most of the cut koma and to pay for remaining koma. This means the teacher will be paid for the full academic year as previously, but will be teaching less hours per week. The university mentioned that they had studied the history of our dispute with the Institut Franco-Japonais dispute in Kyoto a few years ago, and had read our website. Both had clearly been educational factors helping persuade them to settle with us.