Seibo Jogakuin: Pre-consultation system

Nov 22, 2010

Seibo has agreed to consult with union when there are possible changes to working conditions in the following year. At Seibo Jogakuin, the General Union branch submitted a demand for a pre-consultation agreement to achieve a secure working environment and job security. After negotiations with the union, the school sent a reply agreeing to the labour agreement below. Pre-Consultation Agreement between Seibo Jogakuin and the General Union: The school and union shall discuss prior to deciding any changes in working conditions of union members. *The school shall contact the union by the end of the first semester (July) of the year in the case that there is a possibility of a change in the employment contract itself for the following year, or by the end of the second semester (December) of the year in the case that there is a possibility of a change in day/time of the classes for the following year. However, in emergency cases, final adjustments may be made to the schedule. *The strength of the first clause means that the employer will come to a decision only AFTER proper consultation with the union. Since many of our members are on limited-term contracts, the second clause makes this even stronger as it enables the union to discuss any changes to the contract status at negotiations, and NOT at the last minute. Furthermore, this means that if there is no contact from the school regarding contract changes, members can rest assured that they will have their contracts renewed and their current working conditions protected. Changes of working conditions, especially class cuts, are the main reasons for members calling the union in the autumn and winter of each year. The General Union already has similar pre-consultation systems with the Osaka Institute of Technology and Setsunan University, where this rule is enforced at each school/faculty in the institution with which the General Union has a relationship. If this kind of labour agreement were extended to every school in the future, it would be a big step forward for contract workers’ job security and their rights as workers.