SAC Branch Survey Results

Feb 1, 2006

 We know of at least six schools that offer shakai hoken to part-timers. Each school sets its own conditions for enrollment. We are still gathering information but at one school it seems that working a minimum of 10 hours over 3 days will make you eligible. At another school, anyone teaching 8 classes or more is eligible. Most of the schools had their own policy in place but at one, Kun’ei Girls School, the policy was implemented only after being campaigned for, and won, by the union.

Shakai Hoken was also won at Osaka Dentsu Daigaku by the in-house union. Conditions are very favourable.

There is a major benefit to being enrolled on shakai hoken as a part-timer. Premiums can be quite low. Whereas premiums for full-timers are based on their full salary, premiums for part-timers are based solely upon their salary in that one work place. Income from other sources will not be used to calculate premiums.

Contact us if you are interested in making shakai hoken an issue in your work place.