GU Secures High School Jobs

Apr 1, 2003

In Otani High School, Kyoto, one member was informed his working hours would be cut. One letter from the union was enough to raise the number of classes to 13, which he was happy with.

At Kyoto Gaidai Nishi High School, another member was told there was no work for him in the coming year. The union sent demands and school officials visited the GU office. Finally all of his classes were guaranteed for the coming year.

At Shoin High School, another member was facing layoff, but with union backing won all the lessons she was hoping for. Another case in an Osaka prefecture high school is still under negotiation.

Existing union members get full priority over people joining with a problem. This year we have had to turn people away, as we have been too busy.

To all nonmembers out there, we would like to say, ‘Don’t be silly. Join now before it’s too late. If you try to join later on, it may already be too late, or we may be too busy to help’.