Kun’ei High School teachers win Health and Pension Rights

Apr 1, 2005

Ultimately we were unable to secure the reemployment of the teacher in a full-time capacity but we were able to guarantee part-time work along with a retirement allowance.

Once organizing began at the school, we soon realized there were more problems than the renewal of one teacher. No foreign teacher was enrolled in Shigaku Kyosai and more unbelievably, not a single teacher, foreign or Japanese, was enrolled in unemployment insurance.

At numerous sessions we have been successful in negotiating perhaps one of our best collective agreements ever. Foreign teachers of eight hours or more will be enrolled in Shigaku Kyosai, with the school paying 60% of the contributions. This is a great benefit as part-timers will receive full health benefits based upon only their salary at Kunei.

Our 6 members have also received financial compensation as an apology for the potential losses they will incur in regards to future pension earnings and unemployment insurance.

On top of this a retirement allowance has also been negotiated. Tenured Japanese teachers traditionally receive a retirement bonus based upon each year of service. This allowance will now be extended to all foreigners regardless of contract type of if they are non-renewed or resign.

All teachers are to be enrolled in unemployment insurance. This will be a great opportunity for our members to begin talking to their Japanese coworkers about what the General Union can achieve.