Okamoto=Union Busting

Jul 26, 2010

Calling up union members and interrogating them, not allowing union members to work overtime or on holidays, threatening workers with dismissal “unless they leave the union,” not allowing union members to work, and repeated criticism of the union at the morning meetings by the President and the assistant section manage. This is what General Union members have had to deal with just for exercising their legal rights to join a union as guaranteed under the Constitution of Japan and the Trade Union Law. The union has been firmly protesting against this malicious union-busting carried out by Okamoto Giken, a bicycle parts manufacturer. The union has also protested this union-busting to Shimano, a world renowned bicycle manufacturer and Okamoto’s parent company, but without result. In order to gain relief from these unfair labour practices the union has filed a case against both Okamoto and Shimano at the Osaka Labour Commission. Despite this, Okamoto continues their union busting, with even more harassment of union members! The General Union, determined to protect its members basic rights to join a labour union of their choice, battles on for a democratic workplace at Okamoto.