W5 signs labor agreement with union

11月 22, 2011

 i) Grievance system – A system which helps members solve individual problems that they may be facing. The company will investigate grievances filed by the union and report back within a two week period. The union has this type of agreement with many employers and we find that it is the most efficient way to help members with their problems. ii) Insurance – The company confirmed its obligation to enroll teachers on health/pension insurance (shakai hoken) and unemployment insurance. W5 teachers not currently enrolled in unemployment insurance or Shakai Hoken should contact the union for more information. The union looks forward to a better labor-management relationship with W5 and expects that this agreement will lead to problems being solved in a more timely manner. *What is a collective agreement? A collective agreement is an agreement between employers and a union which regulates the terms and conditions of union members in a given workplace. Collective agreements supersede individual employment contracts and company working regulations. Over 90% of all unions in Japan have collective agreements with employers. They are usually the result of a process of negotiations called collective bargaining.