ALTs across Japan are joining the union

Jan 6, 2010

You don’t need a problem to join. We’re already working for you!

The deterioration of working conditions. The lack of proper insurance enrolment. The failure to follow the Worker Dispatch Law and hire di-rectly. These are problems that affect all ALTs, and the victories over these problems impact on all dispatch jobs.

What’s the union doing?

  • Supporting ALTs with questions about their working conditions.
  • Negotiating with dispatch companies and boards of education over ALT dismissals at contract renewal time.
  • Writing letters to boards of education regarding pay for influenza days.
  • Holding talks with the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labour to get a hold on the major problems with ALT dispatch.
  • Suing a major dispatch company for their violations of the Trade Union Law.
  • Meeting with the Social Insurance Agency and Unemployment Insurance Bureau over ALT dispatch companies’ failure to enroll teachers on insurance.
  • Meeting teachers across Japan about forming union branches and holding direct talks with their schools regarding direct hire.

Regardless of what dispatch company or school board we deal with, regardless of which group of ALTs we do it for; all ALTs across Japan benefit.

We’re not fighting a small battle. We need ALTs from the smallest towns to the biggest cities to join and help transform your lives in Japan.

Then next time you’re wondering how to improve your working conditions, before you think about moving from one bad dispatch company to another, think about joining the union first.