Tokai City ALTs – video update

Feb 9, 2010

Despite repeated requests for collective bargaining, Tokai city Board of Education repeatedly refuses to negotiate over the issue of the illegal dispatch of Assistant Language Teachers.

As a result, the General Union was forced to lodge a complaint with the Aichi Prefectural Labor Bureau. Since October, 2009 the Labor Bureau has been carrying out investigations, meeting with both our member and the principal of the school where our member works.

As part of our action to win direct hire for Tokai City ALTs, we spent February 8th in meetings with various Aichi area government offices, including the Aichi Prefectural Labor Bureau and the Aichi Prefectural Board of Education (that oversees Tokai City Board of Education).

As part of our push to bring Tokai Board of Education to the negotiating table, we have taken the issue to the public and held a protest at Tokai City hall and Board of Education. We used the opportunity to personally present demands to the Board of Education and while informal, we were able to talk with the Board for an hour as the demonstration continued outside.

Watch the video of the action.

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