Open Forum – Your visa & health insurance

Jul 1, 2009

Sunday, 19 July 1:30 – 3:30pm. Place: Nagoya City Women’s Centre – meeting room #2. Meijo subway line – Higashi Betsuin Station – exit 1. Walk out of the exit and go straight ahead for about 5 mins/250 metres. Map: Click here

Shakai Hoken fight becomes urgent

For a number of years the General Union has been advocating for the right of teachers to be enrolled in shakai hoken (health & pension) through their employers. Impending revisions to immigration law and guidelines make this more important than ever. One of the reasons given for the changes is to ensure that foreign residents are enrolled in the Japanese social insurance system. Major Changes are planned from April 2010 The Immigration Bureau will be including a check on health insurance enrollment as part of the visa renewal process from April 2010. According to the guidelines posted on the Immigration website, you will be required to present proof of enrollment “social insurance”. Ministry of Justice webpage What exactly does this mean for foreign residents? If you are forced to enroll in the city health insurance scheme will enrollment in the pension scheme also be enforced? Will people be forced to back enroll? Will those that already hold visas that do not need renewal (such as permanent residency) be exempt? Or will proof of enrollment be required for re-entry permits? The General Union will shortly be negotiating with the Ministry, seeking clarification of the issues the new guidelines raise. Is your visa up for renewal soon? Stay tuned.