Teacher’s schedule restored after GU sends demands

Jun 9, 2009

We sent demands to both Universities for the restoration of our member’s classes. Meijo replied with excuses about mistakes by office staff and promised that our member would have the same class schedule as previously (2 koma in each semester). Kinjo at first claimed that there had been a misunderstanding on the teacher’s part, that only 2 classes had been offered for 2009-10, and that no more were available for him. Then it apparently changed its mind and came up with an extra class. Our member now has the same weekly teaching hours as before!

With the prevalence of the one-year contract system, part-time teachers are vulnerable to the whims of remote university administrations, and their schedules can vary alarmingly from year to year. If your university classes are cut for no good reason, call us for a consultation.


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