DO NOT PUBLISH IR Gaba Non-Renews Branch Chair

Oct 21, 2011

 Unhappy with the ruling, Gaba attempted to appeal at the Central Labor Commission but the Commission refused to hear the appeal. Gaba then sued the government at Tokyo District Court for the right to appeal. Again Gaba lost. They have now taken the case to the Tokyo High Court with the first hearing set for November 15. Is Gaba Panicking? It seems clear to the General Union that things aren’t going Gaba’s way and that they are beginning to panic. In an attempt to stop the union, Gaba has resorted to non-renewing the contract of our branch chair, Francis. We view this as union busting. Talks have begun with Gaba and their new parent company, Nichii Gakkan for Francis’ contract renewal. They have refused to budge so far. Leafleting action has also begun. We ask you to come out in solidarity.