Labor Update Bulletin #63 (06/2019)

Jul 6, 2019

In this bulletin…

• How much will pensions shrink? Government soon to publish financial verification;

• LDP proposes raising the minimum wage to an average of 1,000 yen or more;

• MHWL (re)considering pension reductions for working people to “encourage” more to work longer, and increase the base of pension support

• MHWL (also) considering extending the limit on claiming back wages from two years to five;

• Illegal overtime at Nara City government – some city employees working without an overtime agreement;

• Nagoya University of the Arts settles with faculty union, rescinds disciplinary dismissals, and pays financial settlement;

• Uber Eats delivery staff preparing to unionize – company criticized for avoiding responsiblility by treating staff as individual contractors;

• The spread of “partnership oath systems” continues;

• …and more!

(Translated from Japanese)