Gaba Open Meeting – Monday March 26th 2012

3月 15, 2012

But this doesn’t change the facts on the ground for instructors. We have started negotiations to improve conditions, but what we can get will depend greatly on what the membership wants – and on the size of the membership. We want transport allowance and reform of many aspects of work at Gaba, but the more people get involved, the better result we are likely to get. The union is holding an open meeting at the Shimbashi office of its sister union, Tokyo Nambu at 1pm on March 26th. If you would like to learn more about what the union is doing, contribute your ideas, or are interested in lending a hand to improving things for all of us, feel free to come by.

Date: Monday, March 26

Time: 1pm-2pm

Place: National Union of Workers Tokyo Nambu Office, Shimbashi Map

Address: 5-17-7 Shimbashi Minato-Ku Tokyo-To 東京都港区新橋5-17-7

Call 090-6054-5229 if you would like to be met at the station (Shimbashi, Karasumori exit)

Meetings are open to members and non-members alike. Email us at gaba(@) for more information about meetings in Nagoya and Osaka.

Say YES to:

  • Travel allowances
  •  Paid holidays
  • Overtime and premium rates
  •  Right to challenge unfair dismissals
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Health and pension insurance
  • Guaranteed salary
  • Job security