DO NOT PUBLISH IR GABA – Round 2 Begins – a video update

Feb 4, 2010

This is a major victory but it does not mean working conditions will change immediately. Labor law (such as the Labour Standards Law and laws relating to health, pension, and unemployment insurance) and the Trade Union Law are two very different things. The union and our members have now taken the next step. On 1 February the union held negotiations with the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Labor about how to use the Labor Commission ruling to have teachers recognized as employees under all labor laws. This will compel GABA to grant benefits such as paid holidays and insurance to instructors. The ruling was 36 pages long with 5 pages dedicated to explaining why the Labor Commission consider GABA teachers employees. A translation will be available shortly. After talks at the diet building, the union met with two other government agencies – one overseeing the administration of unemployment insurance and another overseeing health & pension. The meetings were positive and they could understand the reasons why the Labor Commission ruled GABA teachers as employees. Talks were left with both agencies needing to confer and discuss as to how to proceed. Answers are expected in the coming few weeks. Watch the video below to hear about the talks from a negotiators perspective. Please contact us if you have further questions. gaba(@)

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GABA teachers miss out on the benefits of not being employees.

• NO paid holidays • NO unemployment insurance • NO health and pension insurance • NO overtime and premium rates • NO guaranteed salary • NO job security • NO right to challenge unfair dismissals