Why on draft? GABA – What does being an employee mean?

10月 20, 2009

Employment does NOT mean an end to the current work schedule.
Many instructors chose to work at GABA because the flexibility fits their lifestyle; other jobs, family commitments, visa restrictions, and so on.

Understandably, people in this situation do not want to lose the flexibility they joined GABA for, and are concerned that they might be made into full-time employees against their will.

GABA would need to implement a variety of employment styles that included full-time and part-time instructors. ECC, NOVA, Berlitz and others hire both full-time and part-time employees. Both full-timers and part-timers at these companies get benefits currently denied by the GABA to its sub-contractors.

Obviously, depending on Gaba management policy, full-time employees would have less flexibility changing schedules but this is not necessarily the case for part-timers. Berlitz already uses a pay per lesson system somewhat similar to GABA’s. While it is not without drawbacks such as the lack of a guaranteed income, it does provide all the associated benefits of employment. Many of these Berlitz teachers are enrolled on unemployment insurance, health and pension insurance, and get paid holidays and a travel allowance.

Look at the benefits of employment!

1Not a legal requirement but paid by all major language schools and most regular companies. 210 – 20 days per year for full timers and 1 – 15 days per year for part-timers. Based on length of service and days worked per week. 3The General Union supports health and pension insurance rights for part time workers and is actively campaigning to get the government to follow the law and grant part timers the right to Health and Pension Insurance, too. Read more.4Part timers working twenty plus hours per week with a one month contract, or more, must also be enrolled in unemployment insurance. 5Right now, teachers have no right to challenge unfair dismissal, cuts to their teaching rate, debelting, etc. Being employees, teachers would be entitled to bargain collectively with the company over these issues. *** In December 2009, Osaka Labor Commission ruled Gaba instructors have the right to collectively bargain as a union. As of Sept 2010, Gaba is appealing the decision, attempting to deny you of your rights.

  Full timer Part timer GABA Subcontractor
Travel Allowance 1YES 1YES NO Paid Holidays 2YES 2YES NO Health and Pension Insurance YES 3YES/NO NO Unemployment Insurance YES 4YES/NO NO Workers Accident Insurance YES YES NO Collective Bargaining 5YES 5YES NO***