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Apr 1, 2009

Please see below for a list of our demands by following the links on the right.

GABA: the future?

In recent ads GABA has called itself the future of English education in Japan, but what’s so futuristic about GABA and their working conditions? GABA contracts offer:

– NO paid holidays.
– NO unemployment insurance.
– NO health and pension insurance.
– NO set salary.
– NO job security.
– NO right to challenge unfair dismissals.
– NO right to negotiate with your employer as an equal.

Since 1991 the General Union has won the following rights for teachers and staff at most major language schools and a host of smaller ones.

– Paid holidays.
– Unemployment insurance benefits.
– Health and pension rights.
– Pay increases.
– The withdrawal of unfair dismissals and contract non-renewals.
– Grievances procedures to deal with everyday problems.
– The right to sit down with your employer as an equal and negotiate the conditions for which you are willing to teach.

General Union: the future!