DO NOT PUBLISH IR GABA – Countdown to a ruling

Sep 24, 2009

The Lead Up Throughout the case, the commissioners (judges) have “suggested” at various times that both GABA & the union meet to look at a settlement. This is the reason why the case has been drawn out so long. But at each set of talks GABA failed to offer a way to make our members employees. The commissioners increased the pressure upon GABA and they were told to submit an official settlement plan at the hearing of 30 June 2009. The commissioners were none too happy with GABA when the company turned up at the hearing without anything. That day’s hearing was over in only 15 minutes with the time being used to setup the date for the final hearing. The final hearing took place on 04 August 2009 with both sides submitting written statements summing up their cases. What a Ruling MeansThough there is no guarantee, the union is quietly confident that the Labor Commission will recognize GABA teachers as employees. Our opinion is based upon previous case history and the fact that GABA essentially controls the work of teachers. Don’t jump to the conclusion that a ruling means things will suddenly change at GABA. The ruling will recognize that GABA teachers are employees under trade law. We will then have to use that ruling to get the Labor Standards Office to enforce Labor Standards Law. It won’t happen overnight.

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OSAKA Date: Monday, October 26 Time: 11am Place: General Union Office, Temmabashi Map Phone: 06-6352-9619 (if you need directions) TOKYO Date: Sunday, November 1 Time: 8:30pm Place: National Union of General Workers – Tokyo Nambu, Minato-ku, Shimbashi5-17-7 Map Phone: 03-3434-0669 (if you need directions) Meetings are open to members and non-members alike. Email us at gaba(@) for more information.