DO NOT PUBLISH IR GU fights to win GABA teachers employee status

1月 24, 2009

The next four hearings have been set for Feb 10, March 5, March 24, April 22. Our GABA branch chair will be testifying about how GABA controls the work of teachers. Members and non-members alike are encouraged to attend. Contact us if you are available on any of these dates. Labor Standards Office As well as using the Labor Commission in our fight, on December 1st we lodged an official complaint with the Labor Standards Office over the issue of unpaid annual leave for one union member. Under the direction of the union, our member had applied to GABA for paid leave when he was off work ill. As expected, GABA refused to pay. After sounding out the attitudes of various Labor Standards Offices and the Labor Bureau, we have now made a request for an official investigation. The official investigation is about to commence and hopefully we will have an update sometime in February. What can you do?Join the union and get behind our campaign to improve working conditions at GABA.

Union reps are available to meet and discuss the issues with you.