DO NOT PUBLISH IR Gaba vs Japanese Government, case fast-tracked.

Nov 22, 2011

Central Labour Relations Commission and Tokyo District Court Unhappy with the wording of the Osaka Labour Relations Commission ruling, GABA appealed the verdict at the Central Labour Commission. The case ended in October 2010, with the Central Labour Commission refusing to hear the appeal. Gaba then sued the government at Tokyo District Court for the right to appeal. Again Gaba lost. They then took the case to the Tokyo High Court. Tokyo High Court The first hearing was held on November 15, 2011. In a surprise move on the 15th, the court decided that it would be the only hearing and arguments were closed. The court will go straight to a decision, with the ruling to be handed down on December 20. Fast tracked It is unusual for administrative cases such as this to be fast tracked, and the union believes it is a strong indication that Gaba will again lose. If Gaba does indeed loose they have only one more avenue of appeal left – to sue the government at the Supreme court.