How do your conditions compare?

Oct 1, 2007

We’ve heard many complaints from GABA teachers regarding their wages, and let’s face it 1500yen for forty minutes work is not much money in an industry and company that makes money.

Do GABA teachers enjoy the same pay and other fringe benefits? Let’s examine.

GEOS: 265,000yen per month (Kansai) for 29.5 hours per week. Salary is guaranteed. Plus ten paid days of flexible holidays (first year), one week Golden Week, and one week at New Year’s.
Enrolment in unemployment insurance. Enrolment in health and pension insurance (for those over 30 hours).

ECC: 252,000yen per month for 29.5 hours per week. Guaranteed monthly salary. Approximately 2 weeks paid vacation during summer, and 10 days in winter. 5 flexible paid holidays increasing to 10. Unemployment insurance and shakai hoken for instructors working 30 hours or more.

AEON: 270,000yen guaranteed monthly salary for 36 hours per week. Overtime for more than 25 hours of teaching per week. Three one-week vacations and Japanese national holidays, some of which may fall within vacation periods. Five paid holidays a year. Unemployment Insurance, Shakai Hoken and subsidized accommodation instructors pays 55,000yen.

Berlitz: A guaranteed 250,000yen per month for 40 lessons per week and a premium for lessons over 40. Paid 10 holidays per year, increasing annually as per the Labour Standards Law. Approximately 5 days off at New Year. National holidays off with pay or a premium for work. Enrollment in unemployment insurance and shakai hoken (for those regularly working over 30 hours per week).