Labour Standards Law – Women

Jan 1, 2007


A: The law states that if a woman is unable to work during menstrual periods an employer must grant a request for time off (Article 64).

Q: Does the law provide any time off for maternity leave?

A: Yes. A company, if requested, must grant pregnant women six weeks of leave before giving birth (fourteen weeks in the case of twins) and eight weeks after child birth. (Article 65) Also, there are stipulations in the law which do not allow companies to designate heavy work or work that is injurious to the pregnancy, childbirth or nursing (Article 64-5). A woman with a child under the age of one year is also allowed two thirty minute breaks (outside of regular break time) to nurse their child (Article 67). Furthermore, you may also be able to receive payments for your time off work and the costs associated with childbirth through on your enrolment in Unemployment Insurance and Health and Pension Insurance. After 8 weeks of maternity leave, you may be eligible for further leave under Child Care Leave laws. Contact the General Union for more details.