If You Work While Receiving Unemployment Benefit

Feb 2, 2008

How to calculate the average daily wage on which all calculations are based average daily wage = the total amount of the insured person’s daily wage for the last 6 months / 180 days


How to calculate the daily benefit payment

Daily benefit payment = the average daily wage x (80~50%) in the case of a person over 60 and under 65, daily benefit payment = the average daily wage x (80~45%) The lower the wage, the higher the percentage rate of benefit. average daily wage under 4,080 yen: benefit = 80% of wage average daily wage over 11,820 yen: benefit = 50% of wage (for a person under 60) For average daily wages between these levels, the percentage rate of benefit is calculated according to a formula. In addition, there are maximum and minimum amounts of benefit according to age. maximum amounts 60~64 years: 6,777 yen 45~49 years: 7,775 yen 30~44 years: 7,070 yen ~29 years: 6,365 yen minimum amount all ages: 1,656 yen Benefit for a 28-day period is paid after authorisation at 4-weekly intervals.



How to calculate the reduction of benefit when income is earned during a period of unemployment

1. The actual daily earnings (the amount obtained after dividing the earnings for the period by the number of working days) minus 1,341 yen are counted as “income”.

2. If the total of “income” and the daily benefit payment is less than 80% of the average daily wage, full benefit is paid.

3. If the total of “income” and the daily benefit payment exceeds 80% of the average daily wage, the excess portion is deducted from benefit.

4. If “income” exceeds 80% of the average daily wage, no benefit is payable. Example average daily wage = 7,000 yen daily benefit payment = 4,807 yen In a 28 day period, 2 days were worked and 6,000 yen was earned. “income” = (6,000 yen  2 days) – 1,341 yen = 1,659 yen “income” + daily basic benefit = 1,659 + 4,807 = 6,466 yen 80% of the amount of wages = 7,000 x 80% = 5,600 yen amount of deduction = 6,466 yen – 5,600 yen = 866 yen Accordingly, the total amount of unemployment benefit payable is 4,807 yen x 26 days + (4,807 – 866 yen ) x 2 days = 132,864 yen.

For further details see http://www.generalunion.org/doc/070702koyohoken.pdf (Japanese) この記事の日本語版はこちら