Talks With Shakai Hoken Officials

2月 20, 2006

Responses varied across the English teaching industry NOVA, AEON, GEOS both panicked and introduced new contracts artificially lowering working hours in the hope of avoiding their legal obligations. This was all in the misplaced belief that the ECC 29.5 system was the magic shakai hoken antidote.

Oddly, it was their plan to evade the shakai hoken law that has now lead the SIA to rethink their enforcement of health and pension insurance.

You may wonder why you have not seen Berlitz in the midst of all this. Negotiations continue but they have made an effort and have enrolled not all teachers but a significant number.

ECC has been the face of the campaign. Members there were really behind the push and have taken the campaign nationwide. Demonstrations have been put on hold for the moment as we enter into negotiations for the second time. It remains to be seen if the issue will be solved, or if we will need to step up the campaign. In the meantime, watch the demonstrations for yourself.


Many of you supported us by signing our online petition. Public support has been invaluable in talks with the shakai hoken office. We would urge you to continue your support by joining the General Union or one of our sister unions.