Kurashiki BoE says goodbye to Interac – Union wins direct employment for teachers

6月 10, 2009

Teachers, already dispatched to Kurashiki schools, privately approached the Board of Education (BoE) seeking direct hire. They were turned down flat. With nothing to lose, the teachers decided to join the union and see what could be done.

After negotiations got under way, the Board of Education made the right decision by terminating the city contract with Interac and taking the sub-contracted teachers on as direct hire employees.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing

When the union demanded that our members, dispatched through Interac, be given priority in direct employment, Interac started threatening the union members saying if teachers applied for the position, “you will lose the position both at the BoE and at Interac.” Interac also tried to evict the teachers, illegally, from accommodation that was provided by the city. They even went as far as trying to cut off the electricity and gas without any warning and making threatening phone calls and leaving threatening letters ordering teachers to leave their accommodation. This angered the BoE as much as it angered the teachers.

The General Union sent organisers to Okayama to support the members, and the members fought it out. Finally, at the end of March, we won a last minute victory. Out of our 7 members 4 were taken on by Kurashiki City, and others got dispatch positions at other BoEs in neighboring areas of Okayama.

Direct Hire Vs. Interac

Working Conditions Kurashiki Direct Hire Interac Dispatch
Monthly Salary 330,000 Variable: 180 – 260,000 depending on nationality
Housing Allowance 25,000 zero
Summer Salary 100% 60%
Yearly Bonus 150-420,000 zero
Shakai Hoken (health & pension) Yes, 50% paid by employer zero
Paid Annual Leave 15 – 20 days days 5 days
Sick Leave 5 days zero
Extended Paid Medical Leave up to 25 days zero
Bereavement Leave 10 days zero

Are you and your co-workers interested in direct hire? Contact the union to find out more.