Interac – GU Demands Unemployment Insurance

1月 15, 2009

A large number of these teachers are telling us they have no unemployment insurance but want to be enrolled. The GU has been working to have individual teachers enrolled. We also believe Interac must be forced to reform and enroll all teachers. On January 8, the union submitted demands to Interac that they enroll all employees working more than 20 hours per week.The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor recently announced that there are approximately 10 million workers not enrolled in unemployment insurance. The General Union is in contact with officials thru both official and unofficial talks. Officials are concerned about non-enrollment and have asked that the union lodge more individual complaints to assist their investigations. This issue goes beyond Interac. The majority of dispatch companies fail to enroll ALTs. With the uncertainty that teachers face every March, industry wide reform is necessary. If you are working at Interac, or as an ALT with another company, please contact us to find out what you can do to help the General Union win job security and unemployment insurance industry wide.

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