Excel Branch launches wage, job security, and union rights campaign

Dec 20, 2006

The branch’s goal for 2007 is to make up for a lack of pay increases in recent years. To this end the union has demanded a 10% in-crease in hourly wages.

Another branch goal is to further stabilize union members’ employment by both preventing the employer from doing unnecessary hiring and allowing union members to work until 65 years of age (the current retirement age is 60).

Branch members, after winning major improvements to working conditions over the past four years for all teachers, union and non-union, made demands for a union shop agreement with Matsushita. If won, this would guarantee that all employees not only share in the benefits of union negotiations but also in the responsibilities of union membership.

The union expects a written answer to the demands during the week of 11 December after which union members will examine the company’s position and develop their bargaining strategy before negotiations start in January.