Justice for part timers: Ritsumeikan health insurance campaign

11月 30, 2009

Part-time teachers, like other part-time workers, are currently required to pay the full amount of their health insurance coverage to the National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken). However, there is actually no legal reason why part-timers should be denied employer contributions to their insurance by being enrolled on Shigaku Kyosai. Part time teachers are at a double disadvantate; not only does their income fluctuate from year to year, they often end up paying much more in health and pension insurance because they are currently forced into Kokumin Kenko Hoken and Kokumin Nenkin which offers substandard insurance for working people. The first part of the campaign is a survey drive to find out exactly how much part time teachers are working. We believe part timers are working just as much as others and should enjoy the benefits of the Shigaku Kyosai system.