Ritsumeikan University Teachers Strike

Dec 9, 2005

Teachers at Ritsumeikan are hired on yearly renewable contracts but with a maximum length of employment of 4 or 5 years. Tired of being treated as disposable objects to be thrown away, our members at Ritsumeikan University have decided to fight this unjust system. A joint day of solidarity with ECC teachers was held, with the first event being a demonstration on the main Rits’ campus. Along with our traditional demonstration methods, the branch was supported by the musical talents of members & friends. The group then moved onto ECC Kyoto Tower school and for an hour flooded the area with leaflets over health and pension issues. After that, it was onto Minami Kusatsu where we leafletted students of the Ritsumeikan University Biwako campus. It was also a good opportunity for individual teachers to talk with students and explain in detail the reasons for striking.