Letter to the editor of the eNews

Mar 1, 2012

 The “News of the World” never carried as much international content as you do through your Labour Start links. We workers are subject to a barage of lies and dis-informartion on a daily basis. Recently in Osaka we have seen the ex-Governor, now mayor of Osaja-shi, launch a campaign against bus workers. I hope you will use this relaunch to reach out to the wider working class in Japan in order to build solidarity. I have heard low paid workers celebrate the idea of Hashimoto cutting public workers’ pay, but they seem deaf to the idea that a cut in their pay will probably lead to a bigger cut in their own pay and conditions. One suggestion I have is the use of a FAQ section. I think having a range of answers to FAQ would help me and other members in spreading the word of the good the GU does. ******************************* We thank all members for their contributions. Letters and opinions can be sent to voice@generalunion.org