Union membership pays off at Interac

Mar 1, 2012

 Polarisu Kindergarten

When a member recently quit their job with 1-month notice as stated in their contract, the company objected and refused to pay the outstanding salary. After just a few letters and phone calls, we are happy to report that the member has now received their outstanding monies.



A declared union member recently applied for, and was guaranteed, a transfer to Northern Honshu. A few days later the company’s branch office rescinded the offer, unless the member moved to a particular town, rather than commute from his in-laws home in a nearby area. This was totally unacceptable as there was a need for him to live with the in-laws and the company had this information when he first applied for the transfer. When he took the matter up with personnel he was shocked to hear them say “accept the conditions or there is no job for you”. At this point the union became involved and contacted head office and after about a week, the problem was solved. Our member and his wife are busy packing for the move and buying a few extra pairs of long underwear for life in the North.