OTC – Teachers decide negotiation points for 2012

Jan 17, 2012

The majority of our OTC members are either dispatched to universities or high schools. Some members hold education qualifications, while others are currently in the midst of gaining them. They, and the union, believe that companies and schools alike have a responsibility to encourage and support on-going teacher development. With this in mind, our members have decided on the following demands.

1. That OTC support and encourage professional development of teachers in the following ways. i) Subsidize membership of JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers) ii) Provide a monthly stipend for teachers holding qualifications in the field of education. iii) Guarantee that leave will approved for those seeking professional development by attending educational conferences, and those required to attend short-term residential schools as part of gaining approved educational qualifications.

2. That OTC provides all teachers with health checks.*Read our article explaining the importance. What’s happening at your workplace? Would you like to see improvements to working conditions? Why don’t you talk with your coworkers then have a chat with the union about how to negotiate for better conditions.