What’s the union doing at private language schools in Kansai?

Aug 5, 2011

The union has started negotiations, and is pursuing shakai hoken enrollment through the pension agency. Members have also lodged complaints over violations of the Workers’ Health and Safety Law, and Shane’s refusal to grant paid holidays.

Clover International School

After months of stalling tactics, the General Union was forced to lodge a kakunin seikyu ‘individual claim’ for shakai hoken after the school’s anti-union tactics and harassment caused our member to take stress leave.

After months of avoiding pension agency officials, Clover International School, has agreed to register their business with the pension agency. Our member will be enrolled from June 1st and will be able to use their medical entitlements under shakai hoken.

Union members win back allowances at NOVA/GEOS

While embassies were urging their citizens to evacuate from the Kanto area, NOVA was bullying other language instructors to transfer to Tokyo or have their allowances cut.

Members at one branch recruited new members to form a united front against the cuts. Protest letters and negotiations soon followed. After a round of collective bargaining, NOVA agreed to repay the cut allowances and look into the claims of intimidation.

W5 Staff Services

Members working at W5 set to benefit from a newly established grievance procedure. This new agreement gives members an avenue for solving individual workplace problems.

Altia Central

The union has won continued enrollment in shakai hoken for a group of ALTs who were disenrolled when they renewed their contracts in April. The union applied for collective bargaining and Altia quickly agreed to the continued enrollment of our members.

Epion Mabuchi

Over the past decade, the union has made a large number of positive changes to the working conditions of teachers at Epion. The union won enrollment in unemployment insurance, paid annual leave for all employees, a pre-consultation agreement over changes to working conditions and a grievance procedure to deal with individual workplace issues.

Late last fall, Epion announced that it would make drastic changes to the paid holiday system, and working hours. Members took a stand, and after negotiations the company changed their mind.

Epion’s lastest attack is to notify the union that they are canceling the pre-consultation agreement and grievance procedure. The union has applied for negotiations and will fight Epion’s decision through the Labour Relations Commission if necessary.