Cash Handouts – for all taxpayers?

Dec 10, 2008

The General Union takes exception to this and has sent a letter of protest to the Prime Minister. The General Union and its members would like to strongly protest the comments made by several cabinet ministers and members of the Liberal Democratic Party in relation to the proposed cash handout by the Japanese government. Several ministers have indicated that holders of permanent residency and special permanent residency will be the only foreign residents eligible for the cash payments. This is totally unfair and irresponsible. The Japanese government has a responsibility to ensure that all members of society receive equal treatment. All taxpayers, regardless of nationality, should be eligible for the cash payment. Foreign residents holding spouse visas and working permits directly participate to the Japanese economy and pay city and income tax. To exclude such taxpayers and residents is outright discrimination, and we, the General Union, urge the Japanese government to rethink the eligibility criteria for foreign residents.