Simul Academy and Berlitz are subsidiaries of the Benesse Corporation

Oct 2, 2003

On Wednesday, August 27, SAITU members voted to refuse all overtime work until the Union’s demands were met. On Friday, August 29 the management of Simul International conceded to the Union’s demands. The Union members determined to launch the action when, in a surprise announcement, management inserted new provisions to Union members’ contracts coming up for renewal at the end of September. Management proposed axing two weeks of teachers’ vacation and putting teachers on a ‘merit pay’ system. When teachers cancelled Sunday overtime interviews for new students, management quickly threw in the towel. Management withdrew the contract changes and agreed in writing not to make future changes in teacher contracts. One of the keys to the success of the boycott was that all the teachers at Simul participated, Union and non-union alike. Anthony Dolan President SAITU