Information about Japanese Courses at the GU

Apr 20, 2009

Place: GU Union office at Temmabashi Day: Every sundays except GU executive committee meeting which is being held once in a month. Time & Fee:  Beginners Class (Free of Charge) PM 1:00 – 1:50  Intermediate Class (Y2000 for one lesson) PM 2:00 – 2:50    Targeting on 2nd level of JPT  Advanced level CLass (Y2000 for one lesson) PM3:00-3:50    Targeting on 2nd level of JPT Tutor: T. Miyagawa. A certificated and 20 years’ experienced teacher. Having taught over 300 students from various area of the world. Temporal notification: There is no participants for any course till today, 19th April 2009. But fortunately three members are going to take Beginners class. The first lesson are planned at 4 o’clock on the next Sunday 26th April 2009. If you are a member and thinking another day’s lesson, please ask Miyagawa by email. I would like to consider your convenience. Mail address: