Shakai Hoken @ Epion Mabuchi

Nov 1, 2005

While large numbers of foreigners purchase health insurance through companies such as Global Health, the law actually demands that we enroll in either Shakai Hoken (company provided health/pension insurance) or Kokumin Kenko Hoken (from the ward office). The member had been a full-time employee of Epion and as such should have been enrolled in Shakai Hoken but by the time he received the demand from the ward office he had become a part-time employee. Epion had been breaking the law by not previously enrolling the employee in Shakai Hoken, but was no longer obligated to enroll him as a part-time employee. While the law doesn’t require companies to enroll part-time employees in Shakai Hoken, it does allow for them to do so. This was the line taken in negotiations and we were able to come to an excellent settlement whereby the company would enroll the member, even though he was only a part-time employee. This satisfied the ward office and they dropped the demand for the two year back payment. 12/05 – Epion has recently been advertising for more teachers. One of the benefits they are offering is shakai hoken. The union is having an influence.