Nova conditions down

Dec 13, 2011

 While the members recognize that business is not booming at Nova, they are not happy. Since the takeover, teachers have been non-renewed, re-hired, removed from shakai hoken, had lessons cut by 25%. Many teachers have left but non-English teachers are left with few options, and semi full-time provides job security for a year at least.

NOVA was quick to accept collective bargaining and eager to explain the urgency of the cuts. While NOVA expressed that they were seeking everyone’s co-operation, members were quick to point out that the company continues to hire part-timers and give other teachers more lessons. With this in mind, our members could not agree to the cuts. NOVA finally agreed to reassess the situations of the members involved. The members were able to gain some lessons and win back some of their allowance cuts.

One thing is very clear, now more than ever NOVA teachers need to organize to protect their conditions. If you’re concerned, contact us.