New Company, New Nova?

Dec 5, 2008

 Regularity Allowance Traditionally, Nova gave part of the salary as a regularity allowance. has taken it to a new level with the allowance now totalling 40,000 yen per month. This is at least 15% of a regular teacher’s salary.

Teachers who are absent for even just one day lose the entire 40,000 yen! The allowance is simply another way to punish teachers. While we have no objection to a system to encourage attendance this is even more ridiculous than the old fine system.

Overtime Rate The company pretends that the regularity allowance is not part of the usual salary and does not include it when calculating the overtime pay rate. This is a blatant manipulation of the facts. 40,000 yen is a major part of earnings and the union believes it should be used to calculate the overtime rate. We also question the legality of the new system and will be investigating further.

Right from the beginning, the General Union has been in negotiations with G.ed; getting our members back to work and sorting out unemployment insurance issues. The work continues as we currently negotiate over annual leave, and health and pension insurance.

What can you do?Join the union and get behind our campaign to improve working conditions at NOVA.

Union reps are available to meet and discuss the issues with you.