Advice concerning Unemployment Insurance (‘Rishokuhyo’ and procedures for payments) for those who ha

Jan 11, 2008

  However, Unemployment Insurance is only for those who have not yet found a job and are looking for work, and those who were on standby with an unofficial offer of employment from G-Education could not qualify for unemployment benefit. At the end of the year, because G-Education started canceling employment offers and non-renewing contracts, again the question of Unemployment Insurance arose and Hello Work offices all over the country were thrown into chaos. Receiving benefit with your NOVA dismissal notice and Rishokuhyo. It is true that G-Education decided on employment, and then just before employees were due to report to work, cancelled the offer, and the employment period in December or the standby period was extremely short. Moreover, they never had the chance to work properly or earn a real monthly salary. Because of this, there is no contradiction between G-Education’s cancellation of employment and the validity of NOVA’s Rishokuhyo and the procedures for Unemployment Insurance. On the other hand, the employment at G- Education is a clear case, and teachers should be demanding Rishokuhyo from G- Education. Therefore, in cases where those notified of cancellation of employment or non-renewal by G- Education want to receive Unemployment Benefit, this will be possible. For the time being, please go straight away to the Hello Work counter with your Dismissal Notice and Rishokuhyo from NOVA. After you have submitted your Rishokuhyo to Hello Work and they confirm your status as ‘unemployed’, you will receive about 50~70% of your NOVA average wage for 90 days as Unemployment Benefit and this will be deposited into your bank account.