Do you like the no-socialisation policy?

Jul 22, 2003

This year, in Tokai alone, three NOVA teachers have come to us for help in the face of the threatened non-renewal of their contracts. Do you like the way NOVA uses its contract renewal evaluation system to get rid of teachers without a valid reason? Can you be sure a manager won’t decide one day to bring up bogus complaints about YOU to ensure you aren’t renewed? Do you like the way NOVA arbitrarily decides how much your pay rise will be, without fair consideration of your performance as a teacher? Do you like the no-socialisation policy, with which NOVA tries to control your personal life? You deserve a better workplace. But what are you going to do about the way NOVA treats you? Complain about it to your workmates in the bar after your shift? That won’t get you anywhere. NOVA needs to change. But the only way to make it change is to form a NOVA teachers’ Union Branch so we can apply pressure where it really hurts – INSIDE. A few teachers imagine that they will only need the Union if they have a problem, and that after the problem arises they can come to us, and we’ll sort it all out. WRONG! By then it may be too late for us to help. If you want change at NOVA, then you and your fellow teachers need to unionise. Only with the Union can you negotiate with the company as an equal partner. Only with a strong Union organisation inside NOVA can we achieve our goal of improving conditions for workers there. WE CAN MAKE NOVA A BETTER PLACE TO WORK – BUT TO DO THAT WE NEED YOU TO WORK WITH US!