Union members’ complaint to the Labour Standards Office wins wage payment

Sep 29, 2007

After having confirmed with some ATs and Trainers, it appears that they were paid. If you have any information to the contrary, let us know. This is remarkable because one of the members who filed the claim had actually gone to the Labour Standards Office on Tuesday (with a group of other Trainers) and was basically turned away, not even having their names taken. The Labour Standards Office’s excuse was that NOVA had promised to pay. Well, by Thursday there was still no pay when we filed the complaint as a union along with a whole group of press people in attendance. Another remarkable fact is that, once pressed for wages in such a public and collective way, NOVA came up with the money quickly. Does this show a glimmer of hope for NOVA? We don’t know. Japanese staff are still unpaid and we need to encourage staff to join the union and go with the union to the Labour Standards Office. Please also encourage staff to attend our meeting on 30 September from 8:15PM.