OPEN NOVA MEETING FOR TEACHERS & STAFFSunday, 30 Sept. from 8:15pm at union office in Temmabashi

Sep 25, 2007

To: Japan Times, Reporter, Ben Stubbings From: General Union, General Secretary, Dennis Tesolat Date: 25 September 2007 Regarding the Japan Times article which appeared in your Community Section on 25 September under the headline ‘Advice for Teachers’, I would like to add a few comments regarding the accuracy of this article. The article states, “The general union and Nambu decided on a policy that we won’t take new members if NOVA goes bankrupt.” This statement is not an accurate reflection of the General Union’s policy. The General Union has no special policy regarding NOVA teachers joining our union at this time or in the future regardless of whether or not NOVA falls into bankruptcy. We will accept all applications from NOVA teachers and staff for membership in the regular manner. We are even going so far as to have an information session on 30 September, 8.15 p.m. at our Osaka office for NOVA teachers who would like more information and of course we will encourage those who attend to join. Stating this, I would also like to add that even though we will accept new members, teachers and staff have to understand that we will not be able to offer the level of support regarding, for example, unemployment insurance procedures, Shakai Hoken and other health insurance, visas and apartments that we have during past bankruptcies. Why? Simply because we cannot do so for many people all at once and continue to take care of our other non-NOVA members, but we will offer whatever advice we can. In fact, we will still offer general advice to ALL NOVA teachers and staff regardless of whether they join the union. I hope NOVA teachers and staff who are considering joining the union will take the above into consideration and still join the union. If everyone joined with an urgent problem expecting instant service our union would not be here at this moment offering whatever help we have to offer. Regardless of the exact level of support we will be able to offer each individual, we hope that NOVA teachers who are planning on remaining in Japan will join our union and help us help everyone in our struggle to reform the language industry, especially so that these current problems are not relived at other workplaces. Sincerely, Dennis Tesolat General Union, General Secretary

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