ECC 100 Campaign On Target!

Aug 25, 2008

In the summer, we launched the ECC 100 Campaign and are happy to announce that we have met the first target and won our training pay demands. The union and ECC have now signed a Collective Agreement stating that where possible, mandatory training will be held within working hours. If mandatory training needs to be held outside of regular working hours, overtime pay rates will apply. This is a major victory as in the past training rate of pay was only 1000 yen per hour. With the conclusion of this agreement, the minimum rate is now 2030 yen for mandatory training. Please note this does not apply to core training. What’s Next? An hourly pay increase!In the next stage of our campaign we are preparing to submit demands seeking:

  • 100 yen per hour increase
  • Special leave, including bereavement leave
  • Sick days
  • Clarification of the evaluation system
  • Permanent employment opportunities

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