WARNING – Money Stolen at Umeda School

Jan 23, 2006

Along with 65,000 yen being stolen, there was an ipod also taken. That totals 100,000yen. Please be sure to secure your belongings. ECC has refused to compensate the teacher but we feel they should. This is the third incident and ECC has known about the others. They have a duty to inform staff to take precautions and with incidents occurring so often, should be providing lockers.

The union will be raising the issue with ECC in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we ask that you inform us of any other incidents you have heard about. Please also pass this information onto other teachers and staff to increase awareness.



After police being informed and visiting the school to take fingerprints, the money was anonymously returned. No thanks to ECC who were happy to ignore the issue. No further incidents have been reported.