Sub-shifts- Are they legal?

4月 1, 2006


Comments and questions have included:

  • “I’m tired of my shift changing all the time.” “They should tell me where I will be working the day before.”
  • “I’m fed-up with having to change my plans to suit ECC.”
  • “Why doesn’t ECC pay for the call?”
  • “Do I have to call ECC like they say I do?”
  • “If I have to call them in my own time, I want overtime.”
  • “They want me to put myself out but they don’t give me any incentive. Give me a bonus or a decent salary increase I might be happy to do it.”

The union has begun investigating the legality of sub-shifts. The law clearly states that contracts must include working hours. ECC contracts do not. This is a clear violation of article 15 of the Labour Standards Law.

It also calls into question the legality of changing shift times for sub-teachers. Being a sub-teacher means that your whole day is basically at the mercy of ECC personnel. It is almost impossible to make plans for your free time as you do not know when your shift starts or where you will be working.

Are you tired of this? Contact the union on 06-6352-9619 or

Sub-teacher survey here.