Shunto negotiation demands submitted to ECC

2月 6, 2012

1. The union will continue to ask for permanent employment opportunities for teachers, through the abolishment of contract term limits and the introduction of seishain “permanent employees” positions for full time instructors. 2. ECC has given the union a proposal over special leave and the union will continue to negotiate for a collective agreement and its introduction this academic year. 3. ECC’s corporate profit doubled for the period ending May 31, 2011, and members are asking that the average salary be increased by 60 yen per hour (7400 yen monthly increase). 4. A survey targeting teachers in Kansai and Chubu found that an overwhelming number of teachers thought that Halloween costumes were an issue. The union has put in for Halloween costumes to be provided at schools. 5. Summer Intensive Courses were a major point of concern and the union is asking that proper notice, preparation and support be given to maintain high quality lessons. 6. In some areas, model lessons and events are being allocated to teachers without any advance warning. The union would like to see sign up sheets being reintroduced to reduce confusion. 7. Taking a day off work sick see most teachers penalized unless they use annual leave. The union is negotiating for the introduction of system where teachers wouldn’t be penalized due to sickness