November Union-Management Talks

Nov 28, 2011

 ECC feels that the emergency personnel number is no longer necessary, as the number is seldom used. The union has raised major concerns about Saturday morning shifts, sudden illness and family emergencies. ECC is considering changing personnel operating hours on Saturdays to 9am to cover sudden absences. In regards to weekdays, ECC didn’t have a proposal. The union suggested that personnel operating hours be changed on weekdays too. However, ECC doesn’t think it’s necessary and that sudden absences will just have to be tolerated. This is a major concern for the teacher absent. The union has won reassurances that no instructor will be treated unfairly due to a sudden legitimate absence. Personnel will also educate school directors on the new system to avoid any confusion. ECC has promised the union that more details will be provided in the December bulletin. There will be no major changes to the evaluation system for the current academic year. Issues about lack of accountability were raised. The next round of union-management talks is scheduled for Monday, January 16th.