ECC SIC Survey Results- 65% of teachers unhappy!

Aug 6, 2011

A recent union survey found more than 65% of teachers felt that they were not given sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the lessons and lesson materials. Preparation time is essential for high quality lessons. Over the years the General Union has regularly demanded an increase in preparation time. The union’s demands go hand in hand with ECC’s latest advertising campaign, “Learn it from the professionals”. ECC has made a strong public commitment to provide good, quality lessons, yet summer intensive courses have raised doubts among teachers. Proper preparation is the key to a successful lesson and the union has raised the following issues with ECC:

  • That teachers be informed of classes they will be teaching before they are advertised to students.
  • That teachers agree and understand there will be a shift change to teach summer intensive courses.
  • That ECC makes an effort to ensure that lesson plans and materials arrive at schools in a timely manner.

If you haven’t taken the online survey the union would like to hear your opinion.

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